Easidream Uses Sensations Of The Womb To Soothe Babies


With a newborn in the house I am currently quite sleep deprived.  Some days I feel pretty desperate for anyone or anything that could stop the crying and soothe my baby off to sleep.  While researching possible solutions I came across a gadget that claims to do just that.  The Easidream is a system meant to calm your baby and lull him/her into a peaceful sleep by mimicking the motion, sound and light of the womb.

The system comes with a rocking platform that is placed under the crib mattress.  The motion is said to give the baby a feeling of being in the womb.  A control unit linked through air tubing manages the settings including two different speeds, two different motions and a timer. 



Also included is Ewan the sheep.  He is attached to the side of the crib and emits ‘womb sounds’ including heartbeat sounds (I am not sure what others noises it makes, but it sounds interesting).  The sounds are said to be actual recordings – not computer generated effects.  In addition, Ewan glows in a warm shade of pink that is supposed to be reminiscent of the glow the baby would have seen inside the womb. 

Unfortunately, for the time being parents in North America will have to wait to try the Easidream (still no sleep for me).  It is currently only available in the UK and Europe, but the makers are working on a unit that will work on the different voltage.

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