An Easier Way To Shovel Snow?

While the calendar may say it's spring, for many of us there is still a lot of snow on the way. By this time we are getting mighty tired of breaking our backs shoveling so many loads of the white stuff. It's a pain in the . . . back. So what if you could shovel your snow with the ease of using a push mower on your lawn? With a spiral snow shovel that might happen.

Spiral Snow ShovelSpiral Snow Shovel

Image via YouTube

Sure you could get a snow blower, but many of us just don't have the amount of sidewalk (or the budget) to make that at all feasible. This invention takes a standard snow shovel and rethinks the basic shape and depth and then adds an auger to grab the snow and deposit it over one side of the shovel. All you have to do is push the shovel along and the shovel does the rest. It is a really awesome idea.

Spiral Snow ShovelSpiral Snow Shovel

Image via YouTube

Of course there are some potential problems with the design, but they are ones that should be fixable. If you watch the video you will see that the demonstration shows the shovel working in only a few inches of powder. To tell the truth that would take care of most of the winter where I live, but not for other locations. Heavy, wet snow may be more difficult to move and could easily get stuck in the spiral. I also have to wonder how it would work in show deeper than the depth of the shovel.

Still, I really, really WANT this snow shovel. Yeah, it would be great if it was perfect, but I would still like to be able to use it after the little storms. At least that much would help save my back. This brings us to the remaining problem. It apparently isn't available in the United States for retail purchase. I found something like it for wholesale purchase and on Ebay in German. Go figure.

If you know of where they are available in the U.S., please share the secret!

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