EasierThanReading Has Little to Do with Reading

If you spend any decent amount of time on the internet, then obviously you've sent something weird and funny to your friends through email before.  EasierThanReading provides you with a whole new way to do that, in the form of a personalized puppet with a recorded message.  Of course, reading is limited to a simple link put into the recipient's mailbox.

The site has a fully graphical interface, and while you make your choices about your puppet, their background, and whatever silly dance you want them to do while they spew your ridiculous recorded message, a pre-generated puppet will talk nasty to you in hopes of inspiring something weird and funny for you to record.

Recording is as simple as using your webcam on Facebook.  If you've never done that, and you have a USB webcam, simply set the microphone on the webcam to be your default sound recorder.  To do that, access the "Control Panel" in Windows, and go to  "Sound and Audio Devices".  Click the "voice" tab, and select your webcam.  Now any flash player or recorder will identify your webcam as the default sound recording device.  Of course, that's probably not news to you, since you're so awesome at internets =P

Anyway, there's a lot of fun in recording weird phrases with various celebrities as puppets on its own.  Add the option to send these bizarro messages to your friends, and you can easily start a LOL-war.  Be warned, though.  Some of the random ramblings of these pre-generated puppets can turn heads, especially if you have the volume turned all the way up and you're in the office.  Now, get out there and make some funnies, and link them in the comments below!  If you need an example of how the puppets turn out using the USB webcam method described in this post, check out my Barack Obama puppet.