Easter KitKats From Japan Evoke Bunnies & Pancakes

Nestle Japan has no idea what you're talking about, so they made a limited edition pancake flavored KitKat just for Easter! The special Easter KitKats are sold in bags of 12 mini-packages, each one containing two breakable “fingers” and featuring 13 different bunny-themed designs. 

Too early for flapjacks?

Why pancakes? No doubt Nestle Japan was inspired by Oolong (1994-2003), a pet rabbit aka internet meme trained to balance a variety of objects on his head while being photographed by his Japanese owner. Hey, it's better than flavoring the confections with actual roasted rabbit extract, amiright?

“Waiter, there's a hare in my pancakes!”

Nestle Japan is adding even more fun to these unique Easter-themed KitKats, with 1 in every 30 chocolates stamped with a special “Lucky Easter” design. Order yours direct from White Rabbit Express at their English-language website.