Easter Egg Waterproof LED Lights Enhance Romance

"The mini Light of egg type"... and that's no yolk!"The mini Light of egg type"... and that's no yolk!
Bored with your monotonous, monotone lifestyle? Sure you are - that's why you need these Banpresto 'Feeling Egg' Waterproof Lifestyle Lights, and just in time for Easter. Ambient lighting that adds color and egg-citement to booths, baths or both!

Banpresto's 'Feeling Egg' Waterproof Lifestyle Lights are a Japanese product - you can instantly tell by the cuteness factor of each egg-light, the ingenious egg-carton-like packaging and of course, the charmingly fractured English copy. "The mini Light of egg type"... odd yes, but accurate to a fault.

The packaging also displays handy pictographic suggestions on how to use the eggs: in the bath, on your furniture, in groups, but not for breakfast. Seriously. I'm not sure who would actually try to EAT these ambient lighting eggs, but Banpresto is off the hook legally as they've displayed this warning. By the way, these "don't eat!" warnings are curiously prominent on many Japanese-made items including the stay-dry silica gel packets that often come packed with them.

Anyway, back to the product. Each of the 4 egg-shaped lights houses a cool-running LED (light-emitting diode) in red, yellow, green and blue. Power for the long-lived LEDs comes from standard LR44 button batteries (don't eat them either, OK?) - three to an egg.

Once you've installed the batteries, you're ready for your ambient egg-sperience (sorry, can't help it). A simple twist to the base and the egg begins to slowly, softly glow, the delicately diffused light gently varying in intensity as if the egg was a living, breathing, dreaming thing. Almost hypnotic, you might say... keep that in mind when using them in the bath - and that's MY warning, not Banpresto's.

But, the bath is where the Banpresto 'Feeling Egg' Waterproof Lifestyle Lights really, er, shine. They float, you see, and add a romantic aesthetic to any sudsy escapades you might have in mind. Hmm, wonder how they look beneath clouds of foam in a bubble bath?

Alrighty then... now that you're sold on the lifestyle-enhancing benefits of these undeniably cute "mini Lights of egg type", you'll want to know where they're sold. Pricing is in the $30 - $40 range plus shipping, but hey - you can't put a price on romance, ambiance and lifestyle enhancement, now can you? (via Japan Trend Shop)