Easy Does It With the 4 Steps iPod Game

I was unimpressed the first time I came across the name of the app: 4 Steps. I didn't read the description so I had absolutely no clue or inkling as to what it could be about. The four steps to what? Freedom? An epiphany? A diploma? I was, however, intrigued, so I downloaded the game from the App Store straight away and just tapped on the images in the menu once it was done. Even without reading the instructions and having skipped the description, I knew what needed to be done. (As you will, if you got the game for yourself.)

From that, you can probably gather that the game is indeed simple and easy to follow. But simplicity doesn't mean that it's going to be as easy as pie either.

The Game

Its developer describes it as a brain-training game by way of images but I see it more as a relaxing game of picking out a progression of four from four images that are presented in each level. The game actually has two modes that you can choose to play with: Level or Time.

In the level mode, you can choose from a picture puzzle, a mathematical sequence, or a conceptual sequence. In the picture puzzle, you have to select four broken-up portions of an image progressively to form a whole one. The mathematical sequence is self-explanatory, so I won't go into that. The conceptual sequence is more like a progression of different forms or objects. For example, you would have to select the progression of a flower's growth or how it would look to fold a paper boat from start to finish.

In the Time mode, you are given a minute to solve as many 4 Steps puzzles as possible. Simple as that. 

The Good

It's easy to get the hang of playing 4 Steps once you give it a go. There are a lot of images included per level in each category of the Level mode, so that bit ensures that you won't run out of puzzles to solve quickly (given that you will probably be able to get through a single image within seconds if you've got a sharp mind.) I personally find the game relaxing and smart at the same time. You will also be able to get an assessment of your performance in each level by way of stars, 3 meaning you've done a bang up job and 1 indicating that you could have done it way much better than you did.

The Bad

Like I said, 4 Steps is relaxing in pace and in its degree of difficulty. So if you're looking for something that will really "train" your brain rigorously then I don't think this can do this for you. If you're also trying to find something that will offer a variety of activities or puzzles to answer, then this is not for you. I admit that after playing through several puzzles, I was starting to get bored and tired of having to repeatedly tap through four images or sequences because some are really no-brainers at all. That being said, I know that the four steps thing is the concept of the game, but while it could be interesting at first, it gets boring after a while.

The Verdict

I suggest playing one level at a time so your level of interest will not wane. 4 Steps is a good game when you're not looking for action, so if you are, I suggest you look for something else.

You can get 4 Steps for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.