Easy Feet Is Never Too Tired To Give A Foot Massage


Showers can be invigorating - they can also be quite dangerous if you are unsteady on your feet.  For anyone who has trouble manoeuvring in the shower or bath there is a product that can save you the trouble of having to bend down to clean your feet, at least that is the claim.



The Easy Feet device looks like a sandal, but with suction cups on the bottom and bristles on the inside.  The idea behind the product is that once it is suctioned to the bottom of the tub a person can thoroughly wash his/her feet without having to lean over and risk slipping.  If you prefer to have a bath then the product can be attached to the tiles around the tub. 



Users need only slide their feet in and out of the Easy Feet and the bristles clean the tops, bottoms and in between the toes.  There is also a special pumice section on the end portion to scrub away dry, rough skin from the heels.  It is supposed to be not only convenient but also revitalizing, like a spa treatment.
Small holes on the top of the Easy Feet allow users to squeeze liquid soap in for an enhanced cleaning experience.  I am just wondering how you get the soap on without bending over; perhaps you put it on ahead of time or squeeze it from way up high and hope for the best.  Anyways, it looks like kind of a fun product.  You can find it here.

Source: EasyFeetForme.com

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