Self Recording Made Easy With The Sony Bloggie Duo

It's a breeze to use and it's also easy on the eyes. The Sony Bloggie Duo cameras make self recording simple as pie and take high definition video while looking pretty amazing itself at the same time.

There are a lot of gadgets and cameras out there that have the capacity of recording videos on the go. However, there are few that can match the Bloggie Duo in terms of performance and quality when it comes to self recording. That's because the Bloggie Duo has two LCD screens on its colorful frame: one that is a full-screen 2.7-inch LCD, and another that is 2.0 inches. The latter one is the one used for self recording.

The Bloggie Duo can hold up to 2 hours of HD video and take 1920x1080 pixel MP4 HD video as well as capture 5-megapixel still images. It's equipped with a built-in LED light just in case you're filming in a poorly lit area and is installed with the SteadyShot image stabilization feature that will help reduce blurriness in case you've got a shaky arm.

The Bloggie Duo has a flip-out USB arm that makes charging and transferring files from your camera to the computer quick and easy without the need for any cables or wires.

It also comes pre-loaded with software that makes it easy to tag images and videos in the camera for sharing later on social networking sites and media sharing sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

Here are the other features for the Sony Bloggie Duo:

  • Full-screen vertical/horizontal record/playback on the main 2.7-inch LCD
  • Auto-macro shooting and 4x digital zoom
  • Sony Exmore CMOS sensor for high-quality videos and still images
  • Face Detection technology
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • HDMI output

The Sony Bloggie Duo comes in four colors: white, violet, green, and pink.

You can get the Sony Bloggie Duo in Violet and White from Amazon.


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