An Easy Solution To The Sleep Wars: The CosyCool

Stealing covers, throwing them off, simmering, shivering...  It's all part of how we try to balance our own sleeping comfort with our partner's..  A British couple has managed to preserve their individual comfort while still sleeping in the same room and even the same bed.  They developed the CosyCool.

As is typical for women, Ruth Pressman needed more warmth at night and her husband, Ian, was hot under the duvet the couple slept under.  Just before they decided to move into twin beds, they had an idea for adjusting the duvet to suit both of them.

A few prototypes and lots of feedback from friends and relatives put them right in the entrepreneurial groove. CosyCool was born, a double duvet to which up to four additional half-duvets can be added and easily attached to one another.

Each duvet is made of 100 percent cotton jacquard and filled with non-allergenic microfiber.  The duvets can be machine laundered and dried easily.  For more information, visit CosyCool.

via Telegraph