Eat Write With Meat & Veggie Supermarket Packaging Notebooks

Food for thought? It's likely these meat and vegetable themed notebooks will spark up an appetite - and not just for knowledge.

The cool dudes & dudettes at Rinkya Stores are highlighting these creatively covered school notebooks. They're just the thing for boring classes, droning professors and bland subjects. Instead, why not get right down to the meat of the matter?

Choose from four different notebook covers, each designed in the best Japanese faux food tradition. Norway Salmon, Pea, New Zealand Beef and USA Fat Beef (huh?) are emblazoned on the supermarket-style fake labels while the clever use of imitation plastic wrap just adds to the surreal appearance.

The images of the raw food are richly detailed... hungry students might be tempted to lick their notebooks during overly long classes! Those who are into the raw meat look can add to their inventory with faux Meat Towels and Raw Beef-look iPod Covers.

You can order these eyebrow-raising faux food notebooks from Rinkya Stores for just 390 yen (about $4.60) each. Contact Rinkya for payment and shipping details. (via A Rinkya Blog)