Eatin' Cool With Eat N Tool

There is little worse than picking up some KFC for an impromptu picnic or a bit of your favorite Chinese take-away for dinner in the park only to discover once you get there that you have no utensils. In vain you desperately try to find a way to eat your food. Can you rip the lids into something resembling a spoon? Do you really Eat N Tool XL by Columbia River Knife and ToolEat N Tool XL by Columbia River Knife and Toolwant to eat those steaming mashed potatoes with your fingers? It is time for Eat N Tool XL to the rescue.

Even if you did get utensils with your food there is no guarantee that those flimsy bits of plastic will not break part way through your meal. With this metal tool you won't end up with a mouthful of plastic spork splinters.

The XL version is a sizeable upgrade from the original Eat N Tool spork design -- just about doubling the size for easier use.  This is not only a spork but a handy bottle opener as well. It also comes with three hex wrenches, although why you would need a selection of wrenches during a meal is beyond me. Actually it is a functional way to reduce the weight of the tool along with the grip hole. You can also use the tool as a screwdriver and a can opener.

Eat N Tool XL by Columbia River Knife and ToolEat N Tool XL by Columbia River Knife and ToolThe tool also comes with a carabiner so that it can be attached to your backpack, tool belt, or purse for easy access when you need it most. Whether you are going to use it to make and eat your favorite trail meal or that on-the-go meal in the car, you want to be able to find it without having to empty out everything. It is also handy to have it at the ready at all times for that difficult to open bottle of beer. For many beer drinkers that is definitely an emergency situation.

For camping, hiking, car, or general emergencies the Eat N Tool is something to have close at hand. It is also the perfect thing for the paranoid doomsday prepper and their bug-out bag.

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