Eatwave Vending Machine: Freshly Cooked Food At The Press Of A Button

Vending machines are awesome, in fact, people love to read about them more than any other EatwaveEatwavebusiness idea or technological device (according to a non-statistical, and completely subjective survey conducted by yours truly). Now Eatwave Vending Machine is shaking up everything we thought we could expect out of a vending machine. Vending machines have offered hot food for a while, but not like this.

 What makes Eatwave different, you ask? Well, it is a technological marvel, offering both hot and cold food. The best part is the fact that the hot food is freshly cooked - or at least, heated. This is different from other hot food vending machines that effectively just keep items warm, and other similar vending machines that heat a specialized food item on demand. Eatwave, in comparison, seems to offer the greatest variety of food items.  Makes vending machine dining far more appealing than the old chocolate peanut only lunch option! 

Via: Gizmag