Eau De Paris: Sparkling Water Fountains Hit Paris Streets

We've seen a number of different businesses install pay-per-use water fountains on city streets to encourage use of reusable water bottles for waste reduction. But now, one international city has decided to make a little side business through their public water works and it's got that sparkly, new feeling!

Eau De ParisEau De Paris

Eau De Paris is the public water works company in Paris, and it's adding a little sparkle to its business of water; sparkling water that is. What makes this unique is that spearkling water fountains have been setup around the city. The water comes from natural water sources, is purified and then given a little bit of sparkle. Use of the fountains is more affordable than buying a bottle of sparkling water and they're therefore designed as an incentive to encourage recycling. 

Via: Springwise

Dec 14, 2010
by Anonymous

Bring this to the US

For these cities:

Sedona AZ

Bev Hills CA

La Jolla CA

The Hamptons NY LI

Santa Clara CA.

Kona HI, Hilo HI, Maui HI.

Tuscon AZ