ECG Watch: Unique Style or Overpriced Junk?


Perhaps outrageously overindulgent bling has become a bit predictable and mundane. Gigantic platinum and diamond watches aren't really conveying that much about yourself when everyone's wearing one.

This ECG LED watch is a step in different direction, a direction that will certainly garner a couple of double takes. Whether or not it's a direction that's worth going in, is a totally different story.

At first glance, the watch would appear to be an exciting new heart monitor display. In actuality, all that the watch is capable of providing is the time. The ECG styling is just that and there's no actual information about your heart, vitals or fitness stats. The upper fluctuation points to the hours and the lower dip points to the minutes. Simple, but interesting.

Unfortunately for anyone interested in this watch, the $260 price tag seems a bit excessive for a novelty watch that makes you look like a raging geek. But hey, people spend a lot more for a lot less every day, so why not treat yourself.

Source: DVICE

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