Eclipse Paint Changes Color with Heat

Since the first cars were on the road, people have been customizing them and trying to outdo everyone else. If you are in the market for something that will do just that, the Alsa Corporation may have the product you are looking for.

Their line of Eclipse paint actually changes color when heat is applied to the surface. The paint is a basecoat that can change from either Black to White or Blue to White. However, since this is a single basecoat, the possibilities are more open than you may think.


If you apply a color, Sky Blue for example, over your Black to White basecoat, when heat is applied it will turn Black to Sky Blue. Not so bad now is it? In addition, the topcoat you use can change the effect of the paint. A metallic topcoat will make both basecoats appear metallic. Another important point to make is that both of the color changing paints can be put through standard painting equipment.

Alsa also has a full line of specialty paints that can be used along with the heat reactive paints so you can really design the finish of you dreams. To see the paint in action, check out the videos as Alsa's Eclipse Homepage.

Via : Alsa