UK Designer "Reestores" Everyday Waste Into Furniture

UK designer Max McMurdo of Reestore takes everyday objects headed for the landfill and turns them into functional pieces of cool, contemporary furniture and accessories. Instead of going all-out "green," he prefers instead to use updated, sleeker finishes and fabrics that accentuate the aesthetics of the recycled designs.

Recently they've added a few new products to their already teeming line. "Max" the bathtub chaise is a fine new addition and can be upholstered in your choice of fabric. This revamped classic clawfoot tub could be considered "shabby chic" by some, but at over £1400 one might hope it's more chic than shabby.


Another newbie to the line is the "John" the barstool, who in a former life was an oil drum. Tough and no-nonsense, this addition makes quite the post-industrial statement.



"Alan" found his true calling as a reading recliner, instead of carting people to and fro in his previous job as a bucket seat in a Saab. This well-built Swedish design is sure to go the distance.


silvana lamp by reestoresilvana lamp by reestore

One favorite that has been around for a few years worthy of mention is the Silvana lamp, fashioned from an old washing machine drum. A longtime bestseller, this piece comes finished with a frosted glass top, which allows it to also serve as a coffee table.

And this list would be incomplete without including "Annie" the shopping cart chair. Know of any stranded shopping carts that might be jealous? With the added padding this seat looks like it may actually be comfortable. Maybe she and John the barstool could strike something up.

Reestore has several other interesting recycled projects underway, and all are available for purchase at their website.

Found at inhabit via notcot (and thanks to my friend Tim for the tip!)

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Feb 1, 2008
by Christian (D) (not verified)

bathtub - Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This bathtub is as old as Metusalem...
Audrey Hepburn uses one in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s !
it was 1961