Eco-Brolly: Is It an Umbrella Or Not?

Is it an umbrella, or is it not? That was the question on my mind when I discovered the Eco-Brolly.

I think I can say that it is a quasi umbrella - that is only half an umbrella, a skeleton. Designed by Shiu Yuk Yuen , it is a ‘green' design, created to help protect the environment.

This is how it works...when it starts to rain, simply unscrew the top, push a newspaper onto it, and replace the screw.

Voila! There is a makeshift barrier between you and the raindrops. As I read somewhere, "It is pocket size, lightweight aluminium, suitable for Britain, where the weather is unpredictable, especially for Central Londoners, where free newspaper is available."

My only doubt/question is-- what happens if you cannot find a newspaper?

I think, then you just get wet...


Sep 27, 2008
by Anonymous


well in a way good idea. Wouldn't that be able to use any kind of paper for it? Perhaps even thin plastic like plastic bags? Though Newspapers echo friendly? wouldn't the print dissolve with rain and get into nature.

Sep 28, 2008
by Anonymous

thats the idea

dont stand under a waterfall with it but yea,t hats the idea. itll get soggy but stop a decent amount of rain and you can just toss it in the bin and it'll melt to tiny biodegradable bits. USing a lpastic bag with the product is a good idea, but kinda defeats the purpose of the device, as you might as well just use a regular umbrella then.

Sep 28, 2008
by Anonymous

maybe for Japanese sun-haters?

Nice idea, but definitely not suitable for west-European autumn weather, like in the Netherlands..I think you'll get soaked by ink or either your paper blows away! And another argument not to forget: you'll surely get lots of laughter with that (but it's possible you just want to be funny)!