EcoCabs, the Solution for Green City Transport

A dent is being made towards reducing city smog in the form of a modernized rickshaw called an EcoCab.

The cabs are pedal-powered tricycles with a small electric motor and rechargeable electric battery and can accommodate up to three people (driver plus two passengers). They are effective in congested urban areas whether one wants to just get from one destination to another or for touring at a leisurely pace of 7.5 miles an hour in bike lanes. The cabs are not only highly efficient for inner city commuting but also free of charge.

The cabs can be free due to sponsors that are essentially paying for the trip while utilizing innovative outdoor marketing for their brands or events and enhancing the company’s green image. EcoCabs are already in use successfully throughout cities in Europe, Canada, and in New York.

At the same time, the cabs allow consumers to have an opportunity to positively impact global warming and environmental issues by helping to make our cities cleaner since the cabs are emission-free. This clean and green transport option also promotes cycling and fitness while preserving a city’s beauty.

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