Eco-Cashmere Sweater for Your Dog and You

I love my dog, but is buying him a hundred dollar Cashmere Sweater just a bit too much, even if the sweater is eco-friendly? Designer, Deborah Lindquist doesn’t think so. She’s made an entire line of colorful eco-friendly cashmere sweaters for dogs of all sizes.

These cute colorful sweaters come in variety of different colors, sizes and appliqués, and it isn’t the only line of clothing Deborah Lindquist designs. Deborah Lindquist is “one of LA’s most sought after environmentally-conscious designer.”

Along with her line of doggie one of kind sweaters made from recycled cashmere she also has a line of cashmere sweaters, skirts, accessories (scarves, caps) for women and an elegant line of “green” wedding dresses. All her designs consist of clothing made with recycled materials (recycled cashmere) or new earth-friendly fabrics (organic linen, hemp, wool, bamboo).

True, her line of clothing is a bit pricey, but I would consider having another wedding if I could rent/borrow the vintage wedding gown #CBD made with Organic linen for my special day. I think this dress is exquisite. If designers like her keep making environmentally friendly clothing look this nice than I think many more of us will be dressing more eco-conscious in the future.

What do you think?

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
Green Blogger
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