Eco-Crafting With Toilet Paper Rolls That Make You Smile

via Village of Joyvia Village of Joy

Like artist Yuken Teruya, artist Junior Fritz Jacquet makes toilet paper rolls art as well. He too puts my toilet paper roll binoculars to shame. To do it he crumbles and folds toilet paper rolls until they look back at him in, happiness, disgust, anger, sadness and so on.  

When Junior Fritz Jacquet is through sculpting rolls into faces he gives them a little color and brings them to life. At first sight, these fun, intricate faces appear simple enough to make, but appearances can be deceiving.

How hard is it to make a toilet paper face? To find out for myself I took a look at a toilet paper roll of my own, crumbled it, folded it, smashed it and then just threw the @#%#!  &%&^%*^$! thing to the side. I could have taken more time to sculpt my roll into a nice little face, maybe, but I didn't have the patience. You have to have patience.

I also considered taking a picture of my not-even-close-to-a-face-or-resembling-anything sculpture and posting it with this entry, but decided against it. I'm ashamed of my creative recycling skills as it is, to dare post a picture of these sort of skills on line. Instead take a look at the rest of Junior Fritz Jacquet's fun and intricate artwork here.

Via Trendhunter and Village of Joy