Eco-Dough is Eco-Green

Eco-Dough is similar to the play dough most of us played with as kids, except for one major difference. It's green!  Made out of all natural ingredients, Eco-Dough is made out of fruit, vegetable and plants extracts. There are no dyes, metals or chemicals in the product and considering little fingers often end up children's mouths, parents will have peace of mind knowing Eco-Dough is not only a fun product for kids, but is completely natural.  Eco-DoughEco-Dough

Make sure to store the dough in a cool and dry place. Direct exposure to sunlight may fade the product. And if Eco-Dough is inadvertently left out overnight, no worries. Just add a drop or two of olive oil and it springs back to life.

The dough comes in a variety of fun colors including white, brown, pink, orange yellow, green and blue.  And Eco-Dough is also available in a gluten-free variety. "Creative play the natural way" is a great way to sum up this eco-friendly product  from Eco-Kids, a family-owned company. 

Eco-Kids packages the product in eco-friendly, compostable containers made out of cornstarch. Eco-Dough is sold in handy canister tubes that  include a variety of colors and retails for around $20 or sold in Goody Bags for around $8.

Source and Photo:  Eco-Kids and  Amazon

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