Eco-Dough: For Kids Who Try To Eat All Their Toys!

Seriously though, Eco-Dough is an all-natural and creative substitute to that other ultra-popular modeling clay toy, but mostly composed of fruit, vegetable and plant extracts. If your kid has a nasty reaction to the wheat filled alternative, you’ll want to check this stuff out!




As fun as classic Play-Doh is, its high salt content and wheat/gluten components make the original reusable modeling inaccessible for both kids with severe gluten allergies, as well as those who can’t stop eating nasty, salty Play-Doh. Gross. Available in both original and gluten free varieties, Eco-Dough’s extensive American made colored modeling material contains elements of carrots, beets, soybean oil, red cabbage, coconut oil and more.




Both Eco-Dough sets come with five sizable containers of colorful yellow, orange, green, blue and magenta dough. As someone who was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity in my early 20’s, I would have had a much better time both at the dinner table and the craft table if I had known about gluten free alternatives, like Eco-Dough. Note that gluten-sensitive folks don’t necessarily have to consume gluten to be severely affected by it, as prolonged skin contact may cause a nasty reaction to the wheat-based substance. Even if your child doesn’t need to avoid wheat like the plague, you might be interested in the completely edible and natural features that Eco-Dough bring to the table for kids who want the entertainment value of modeling dough toys, but can’t quite stop themselves from having a little taste. Ick.  




If you’ve got a child in your life who can’t play with the modeling toy that all of the other kids are enjoying, do them a favor by giving them their own special Eco-Dough. But really, teach your children not to ear modeling material!

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