eco:Drive To Help Reduce Fuel Consumption

With fuel prices as high as they are, many people are going to great lengths to alter their driving habits to improve the efficiency of their vehicles and stretch those gallons a little bit farther. If this sounds like you, Fiat has created a tool that can help you to improve even more.

The computer based system has been named eco: Drive and can provide you with pointers on how to make your fuel last longer. It is currently available to the 500 and the Grande Punto, but Fiat has plans to extend to the system to over vehicles

You start by downloading the software into the vehicle's computer through the USB port. It is programmed to monitor your daily driving habits and then record them for later use. After enough data has been collected, the computer will start offering feedback on how to improve your driving habits. Information that is available for review ranges from fuel consumption numbers to CO2 production.

If that isn't enough for you, they have also set up an online community, called ecoVille, where you can share tips and opinions on just about everything green. You can also upload your driving data and find out just how well you are doing compared to other drivers.

Via : Fiat