Eco-Friendly Cardboard Playhouse

The Cardboard Playhouse, from Romp, is bound to be a great big hit with the kids. They'll have nearly everything they need to play house, minus the white picket fence and the kitchen sink of course.

Cardboard PlayhouseCardboard Playhouse

The house is a good size - it measures about 28 x 28 x 41 inches. The one-story home comes complete with seven windows and a double door at the front. And even better, the house is made out of biodegradable and recycled material! The Cardboard House, available in white,  retails for $48.

Cardboard PlayhouseCardboard Playhouse

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a wonderful selection of Carboard Playhouses now on the market.  You can see some of the other  fun options of playhouses here

Source and Photos: Romp

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