Eco-Friendly Heat Pad Pencil Combo Composts As You Compose

Care to shave a few cents off your monthly heating bill? Looking to be the next hot writer? Say “yes!” to both, provided your purple prose is penned with the Heat Pad Pencil

The Heat Pad Pencil from Tokyo-based Kenjo Ohashi and London-based Chihiro Konno (below) is an ingenious play on words... and we don't mean Coldplay. On the contrary, the simple act of sharpening this particular pencil sets one squarely on the road to eco-friendly, sustainable writing. Now doesn't that make you feel all warm & fuzzy?

The “fuzzy” part is up to you but as for “warm”, that has everything to do with Ohashi & Konno's custom-made bamboo pencil. Don't be thinking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away – rubbing these pencils together is far too much work and you want heat, not smoke (and fire).

Instead, sharpen up the pencil and (this is the key point) be sure to save the shavings in the small recycled sachet that comes with the pencil. Sharpen, save, repeat... eventually you'll have a mildly heavy, shavings-filled sachet that (wonder of wonders!) feels markedly warm to the touch!

Ah yes, the wonders of fermentation... not only for beer these days. In this case it's the wood that makes it good and the wood is bamboo. Ohashi & Konno obviously heard of Professor Hirakazu Seki of Kanazawa University, who noted that bamboo shavings allowed to naturally ferment generate temperatures as high as 50°C (122°F). As Paris Hilton might say, “Now that's hot.”

The environmentally friendly fun doesn't stop there. Once your bamboo pencil's worn down to a nub and the sachet of bamboo shavings has given up its last joule, what remains is cool, crumbly compost. Work it into the soil of your potted bamboo bush and go write something about the Great Circle of Life... or Paris Hilton's latest escapades. (via Spoon and Tamago)