Eco-friendly Image Printing Process Previously Thought to be Impossible


Something great and eco-friendly is happening to the furniture and design world. A company, Lumi Co, has invented a new printing technology that is not only eco-friendly, but also previously thought to be impossible to achieve in the design world. It's called the Lumi Process.

The engineers of the Lumi Process are Art Center College of Design students
Jesse Genet (the inventor) age 23, and Stephan Angoulvant (her partner) age 25. This new green printing process allows the designers to print vivid images on natural materials like wool, cotton, leather and silk without processing or chemical treatment. What is so special about their technique? The "image is ingrained in the fiber, meaning materials like pleather do not have to be used to display a print" (

Jesse and Stephan will be taking their products to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. They are also partnering with Cisco Home, a sustainable furniture-maker. "It's fundamentally different from everything that exists out there and can create prints that were previously impossible on materials like leather, wood, suede, felt, wool, cotton, etc" (

The next step is to use the Lumi Process in the fashion world ( For more information visit the Lumi Company. To see how they raised the money for the projects and how many people believed in their idea visit Kickstarter. Watch the video about the project here.

Via Thisisbrandx and Kickstarter

Jan 8, 2011
by Anonymous

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