Eco-friendly Iron Concept Makes Steam Out of Air

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I won't iron. I hate to iron. Luckily, I don't need to iron much for my job, but my husband does. He hates to iron too. So, he takes his clothes to the dry cleaner. This gets expensive and isn't eco-friendly. Maybe the new eco-friendly self-charging Phillips iron will change our minds about ironing.

The new eco-friendly iron, called the Philips 4472 Iron is still a concept and is designed to suck water out of thin air as well as make electricity from kinetic energy. Rizki Tarisa designed the iron for the Philips iron steam generator competition in 2010.

The Philips 4472 iron has many interesting features built in. It has the ‘Auto Gill', which extract moisture from thin air. It then converts it into water and goes into the water reservoir. The water then turns into steam and can be used for ironing.

The power for the iron comes from, the movement (ironing) of the iron, kinetic energy. There is a roller on the end of the iron that helps roll out wrinkles, but it also helps charges up the iron's battery as the iron Is used.

My favorite feature is the feature that detects fabric types. The iron automatically sets the temperature to the appropriate temperature for individual fabrics. It even cleans itself, keeping the iron well maintained. 

In addition, the iron even has a few safety features built in. For example, the iron's skirt is designed wider and transparent to prevent finger burns. The iron also has an automatic turn off sensor when the iron is left idle after a few minutes.

Unfortunately, this is a concept design for the future, for 2015. So, it will be a few more years before we get a chance to get our hands on this eco-friendly iron. Will this change our minds about ironing? It probably will not. Eco-friendly ironing or not, it is still ironing, but at least with the Phillips 4472 we'd burn our fingers less, not worry about leaving the iron on and burning down our house and we would feel a little less guilty but our carbon footprint.

Learn more about the Phillips 4472 here

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Feb 22, 2011
by Anonymous

Chances of this working

0-1%... - If they seriously expect the few strokes of the iron while in use to be enough to power the unit.

0-5%... - If they expect to also use AC to charge.