Eco-Friendly 'Loving Pets' Bamboo Food Bowls For Dogs & Cats: Review



When is a pet bowl, not just any pet bowl?  When it's a BambuBowl by Loving Pets - a pet food bowl made from a lightweight, renewable, recyclable material that you won't have to recycle for a long, long time....


Loving Pets Bambu Round Bowls In 3 colors ind sizesLoving Pets Bambu Round Bowls In 3 colors ind sizes

Loving Pets Bambu Heart BowlsLoving Pets Bambu Heart Bowls


Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree, but the tallest, and likely thickest, growing member of the grass family of plants. Bamboo is a strong, recyclable, and easy to manufacture material used in housing, furniture, miniature models, and most recently in making tableware.  So, no surprise, this versatile eco-friendly material is now used to make some pretty nifty pet food bowls by Loving Pets.

The Loving Pets bamboo bowl, made from crushed bamboo, cornstarch, and water, is a lightweight bowl, easily handled by the curved cut-out forms around the base of the bowl. Its stability is assisted by strategically placed rubber cushions on the lower rims of the bowl. 

My cat, Bella, has been yumming-it-up out of her cabernet-colored BambuBowl for about two months now.  I feed her on a high table, and the bowl has held tight to the table, despite Bella's habit of pushing her food to the edges of the bowl.  The glossy finish on the bowl, which I'm told is from the cornstarch, keeps the cat food from sticking to the bowl, so it's easy to clean whether by hand or dishwasher. 

I chose the medium size round bowl for Bella because of her unusually long whiskers, which she likes to protect from rubbing against the sides of a smaller bowl.  But whether round or heart-shaped, small, medium, large, or extra-large, your cat or dog is sure to be served well from the Loving Pets bamboo bowl, on sale now at


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