Eco-Friendly Monkey Pencils

Monkey Pencils are not your typical, run-of-the-mill pencils. These fun pencils are adorned with an adorable little monkey. The monkey sits atop of the pencil, watching with keen interest as the child writes or draws.  Just an extra little incentive to practice and hone those writing skills.

Monkey PencilsMonkey Pencils

Besides the fun factor, Monkey Pencils are made out of natural, chemical-free recycled rubber wood. The colors used on the pencils are made from non-toxic, water-based dye. And since many pencils tend to end up in our mouths, that is good to know.  Monkey PencilsMonkey Pencils

The Monkey Pencils are available in several fun colors, orange, yellow and blue and each are 7 inches in length.  From PlanToys, Monkey Pencils are recommended for children 3 and older and retail for .99 each.

Source and Photos: Kangarooboo

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