Eco-Friendly Oil-Filled Space Heaters Exude Retro Radiator Styling

Cool heaters! The FZ Series Oil Radiator Heaters from Japan's Eureks may look film-noir retro but look beyond their finned skins and you'll find environmentally friendly, non-polluting, oil-filled space heaters designed to match the needs of today's power-saving, post-nuclear Japanese households.

Remember those clanky, cranky, hot water radiators that were a fixture of mid-century brownstones and tony (for the time) tenements? Me neither, they were before my time but I've seen me a Bogie flick or two and steam radiators were as common as chain-smoking dudes wearing hats, concealing revolvers and driving De Sotos. Good times!

The classic design of the steam radiator lives on, however, in the Eureks Oil Radiator Heater, FZ Series... albeit with a few updates that even a cool customer like Robert Mitchum would raise his eyebrows at.

The major change is the lack of sssssteam heat. These heaters are sealed, self-contained, 4-wheeled closed systems that connect to the nearest electrical outlet instead of the building's plumbing. There's even a cute little drawer built into the side of the unit to store the cord when not in use.

Because the heaters radiate heat, there's no fan to blow dust around the room – a concern of parents with small children. The sealed system also compares well with exposed-coil space heaters, as dust landing on the hot coils releases odorous, unhealthy chemical compounds into the air. The fins on the FZ Series get still get hot (up to 80 degrees C or 176 F), just not bug-scorching hot.

The FZ Series space heaters have yet another trick up their steel sleeves: a “room temperature sensor” chip that monitors the ambient temperature and cuts power to the heating unit accordingly. The heaters' power-saving electronics aren't done yet, though. A function Eureks calls “Eco-Driving” appears to run the heater at a lower temperature setting than the one users set; a little environmental sleight-of-hand Spinal Tap's Nigel (“The numbers all go to eleven”) Tufnel would deeply appreciate.

The small but very busy control display on top of the unit allows a variety of timer-related functions and looks a little like the displays found on Japan's high-tech Toto toilets – don't ever confuse the two! If you can handle that, then the 8-radiating-fin model FZ8B2TCE or the 11-radiating-fin model FZ11E2TCE might be good bets to warm up your persistently chilly Japanese home while avoiding the power-hungry ways of The Big Heat. (via Impress Watch)

Editor's Note: In the U.S, Delonghi makes a terrific series of oil filled heaters. They are sold on Amazon here and at other major retailers.

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Dec 14, 2011
by Anonymous

Is this anything new?

I don't know about over there, but where I'm from (Australia) oil-filled column heaters identical to the heater above are the most common style of portable room heater used and have been for at least the last 30 years I've been alive, primarily because they are cheap, safe and efficient.

It's hardly anything special because they stuck a button on it that says 'eco'... and certainly not a new or even recent design.

P.S. I've never seen one of those steam radiators you pictured either.