Eco-friendly Pasta Pot's Hourglass Figure Makes Less Waste, More Taste!

Nice waist - less waste!Nice waist - less waste!
The new pasta pot from, er, NewPastapot is a fresh approach to cooking long pasta that provides a variety of eco-friendly benefits while producing delicious pasta in record time.

Cooking spaghetti in a standard pot is rather wasteful, if you think about it. Heating up all that water to the boiling point takes a lot of time and energy, for one. Then you have to lug a heavy pot over to the sink - amazing how much hot water gets poured down the drain compared to the amount of pasta you end up with, isn't it?

The NewPastapot addresses all of the above concerns with its innovative hourglass shape. Less water going in means a shorter boiling time and less energy used. The pot has an ergonomically designed silicone handle that protects hands when picking it up, and with less water used there's less weight to heft.

Stainless steel construction is easy to clean and resists both rusting and tarnishing even after years of use. On the downside, you'll still need to bring out the big 'ol pot when cooking macaroni or other "short" pastas, and the hourglass-shaped pot holds a limited amount of spaghetti or linguine making it impractical for large dinner gatherings. There's also the price... 23,000 yen or about $235. Gulp!
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