Tono 8 Cork Blocks: The Eco-Friendly Building Blocks

Move over wooden and plastic blocks, Tono-8 Cork Blocks are here!  Children, and adults,  will have a ball creating all sorts of buildings, vehicles or silly characters with these totally unique and different building blocks. All that is needed is imagination and tons of creativity.

Tono 8 Cork BLocksTono 8 Cork BLocks

Designed for children, the blocks have rounded corners and are soft and lightweight to handle. And not only are the blocks buildable and stackable, they are eco-friendly too.

Tono 8 Cork BlocksTono 8 Cork Blocks

Made out of cork, the set includes16 blocks in three various shapes. Designed by award-winning toy designer Tetsuo Tonouchi, the colored blocks are painted with non-toxic paints or are also available in a natural cork color.

  Tono 8 Cork BlocksTono 8 Cork Blocks

The set of Tono-8 Cork Blocks is packaged in a decorative and compact box. No pricing information is available yet.

Source and Photos:  Tetsuo Tonouchi and Inhabitots