Eco-Friendly 'Umbrella Pot' Saves Rainwater, Feeds A Small Plant

The "Umbrella Pot" from Japan's Kyouei Design cleverly combines an umbrella stand with a plant pot. Water from the former feeds a small plant tucked into the latter.

Kyouei Design is no stranger to InventorSpot, having appeared here before with their Bleeding Bookmark and Color Light TV DVD that turns your TV into a giant mood ring. This time the Japanese design house, featuring Kouichi Okamoto, is focusing on just one color: green.

The Umbrella Pot measures 515mm tall by 330mm wide and 290mm deep (20.6" x 13.2" x 11.6") and is made from molded white ceramic. Holes in the bottom of the "bowl" allow rainwater dripping off wet umbrellas to drain into soil in the attached small plant pot, thus feeding the plant and putting the otherwise wasted rainwater to practical use.

Not only is the Umbrella Pot a low-maintenance way to maintain a small plant, it illustrates the way ecology and conservation work - right in the comfort of your home or office space.

Though the Umbrella Pot works best in countries like Japan that endure long rainy seasons every year, more temperate locales can also enjoy the eco-friendly design... you just might have to give the plant a drink during dry spells. (via Designer Daily and Design Boom)