Ecopod Steam Washer/Dryer Combo Turns Up The Heat

From designer Simon Hedt comes the Ecopod, an all-in-one solution for apartment washer and dryer needs - and using nothing but steam!

Apartment space is frequently at a premium and while having a stacked washer/dryer combination in a suite can be great for the convenience aspect it can be both costly in terms of water use and noisy as hell. Now to both save space, time and the environment, designer Simon Hedt has created the Ecopod.

Designed to be mounted on the wall, the Ecopod consists of one large cylinder and a control panel along with three pods for the dumping of laundry. Each pod is intended for a section of dirty items; one for lights, one for darks and one for dedicates and once a pod is full a user simply snaps on the top and places it into the Ecopod.

From there, the Ecopod does its magic, using saturated "wet" steam to wash the clothing, followed by super-heated "dry" steam to heat the air around the clothing in the barrel. Once the cylce is finished the pod can be removed and the clothes taken out for folding and hanging.

Ecopod: making your laundry easier.Ecopod: making your laundry easier. 

This has great idea written all over it, especially for those living alone or who are tired of jamming quarters into apartment laundry mahcines that have no hope of actually working. Done right, these could find a home in thousands of apartment buildings (and homes) across the country and could offer both energy savings and the ease of using your laundry basket as your washing drum.

The concept looks slick, and we can only hope that Simon finds a company that is willing to pick this up; we like our washer and dryer but having an all-in-one with this kind of utility would be something worth thinking about.

Here's hoping your idea gets the chance to let off steam, Simon!

Source: Tuvie