EcoQube On Kickstarter! Mini-Farm & Aquarium Combines Sustainability With Beauty


Who wouldn't love owning an aquarium if they didn't have to clean it?  Well, two high school men from San Francisco, inspired by nature and encouraged by a special teacher, began working on self-sustaining aquariums in 2008 and now, as college students, have perfected their design of an aquarium filter that enables you to maintain healthy water for your fish and your plants with almost no maintenance on your part.  It's all in a neat, compact, desk top aquarium called the EcoQube, crowd-sourced on Kickstarter starting November 30, 2013.


Eco-Qube Aquarium: image via aquaponicsfilter.comEco-Qube Aquarium: image via


Basic tank design of the Eco-Qube: image via aquaponicsfilter.comBasic tank design of the Eco-Qube: image via


Eric Suen and Kevin Liang, now studying at University of California, San Diego, have developed a patent-pending technology that turns fish waste into plant fertiliser and have established Aqua Design Innovations, LLC for this and future business ventures that incorporate their invention.  Their Aquaponics Filter pumps the fertilized water into the tank at about 100 gallons an hour, the plant roots absorb the fertilizer, thereby keeping the water clean. Fish, or shrimp, as Suen and Liang are fond of raising, and your decorative plants or micro-greens keep growing strong, healthy, and beautiful while they sustain each other.


How aquaponics work: image via facebook.comHow aquaponics work: image via


Suen and Liang have built large aquarium installations for farms and restaurants, but the EcoQube is a design for the home or office that everyone can enjoy. Their ultimate mission is to expand their efficient eco-system to regions of the world who do not yet know about aquaponics so that peoples in those countries can be assured a continuing source of fresh food.

The EcoQube won't do that; no.  But the EcoQube is built to last a life-time - with enough care that you should never have to replace even the filter.  Suen and Liang figure that if they can do this, then they can apply their technology to larger and larger applications successfully.

EcoQube's Kickstarter campaign begins on Saturday, November 30, 2013.  This system is a sure winner so please support it.  For teachers, or anyone else interested in learning about the eco-system, and aquaponics in particular, Eco-Qube comes with a K-12 curriculum.