EcoSmart Fireplace: A Green Way to Heat Your Home

EcoSmart Bio-Ethanol FireplacesEcoSmart Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

The cold winter months are upon many of us, and the holiday season certainly lends itself to cozying up to a warm, crackling fire.  Fortunately, heating your home with a fireplace is already a fairly green alternative to gas or electric heat, but where's the money to be made in that?  Not to mention, a wood burning fireplace can still give off harmful emissions.  Thus, we have EcoSmart Fireplaces, which use bio-ethanol rather than wood or gas.  If you're home doesn't have a chimney or flue and you're looking for an environmentally friendly, as well as serene, way to warm your home this winter, an EcoSmart Fireplace may just be the solution you're looking for.

According to their website, "EcoSmart Fireplaces are environmentally friendly, vent-free, open fireplaces that produce a wonderfully warm dancing flame."  They are available in many varieties, including freestanding pieces of "fire furniture," grates to convert your traditional fireplace to an EcoSmart fireplace, and built-in "firebox inserts" that can be installed into your wall.  Perhaps most importantly, these award-winning fireplace solutions are fueled using bio-ethanol, a renewable and sustainable energy source.

Bio-ethanol is made from the sugar and starch components of plant byproducts.  It can be blended with petrol to make a sustainable transportation fuel and is also used in cosmetic and manufacturing processes.  Because bio-ethanol is completely composed of biological products, it promotes a neutral ecological balance.  Its combustion results in entirely clean emissions of heat, steam, and carbon dioxide, thus eliminating the need of a chimney or flue, though the company does recommend to have some source of fresh air circulation while the product is in use.  EcoSmart's website provides information about where to get the fuel, but they recommend e-nrg.

And finally, they just look cool:

EcoSmart Built-in FireplaceEcoSmart Built-in Fireplace  EcoSmart Free-standing FireplaceEcoSmart Free-standing Fireplace

EcoSmart Outdoor FireplaceEcoSmart Outdoor Fireplace

EcoSmart on the rocksEcoSmart on the rocks

A trendy take on the EcoSmart FireplaceA trendy take on the EcoSmart Fireplace

 You can find a wide selection of sleek and sexy EcoSmart Fireplaces on Amazon here.

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