ECOtality Teams Up With Sprint to Combine Connectivity and Electric Vehicle Charging

Leader in clean electric transportation and storage technologies ECOtality possesses a full range of products for charging electric vehicles (EVs).  As announced Jan. 14, 2011, connectivity will be joined with Ecotality's "Blink" electric car charging stations thanks to the company's partnership with Sprint Nextel.  Looks like Nextel will no longer be known only for their sole affiliation with construction workers and drug dealers - now eco-enthusiasts can get in on the action (maybe).

Blink Network Charging StationBlink Network Charging Station

Currently, the Sprint Command Center allows businesses to control M2M (machine to machine) provisioning, billing, device, and service management from one centralized and secure portal.  Sprint's collaboration with ECOtality will allow users across Sprint's nationwide system of residential, comercial, and public charging stations control of such M2M services and use of the "Blink Network."  The Sprint Command Center available at charging stations will allow effective monitoring of car charging and payments as well as user-friendly charging station locator services for motorists along with commercial advertising on screen displays.

Sprint Nextel Branches Out to Eco-EnthusiastsSprint Nextel Branches Out to Eco-Enthusiasts

ECOtality intends to continue to form partnerships with companies like Sprint according to Jonathan Read, CEO of ECOtality. "With the Sprint Command Center technology, our Blink EVs are provided with the wireless connectivity necessary to power the advanced capabilities of the Blink Network and ensure customer satisfaction.  In addition, we are able to conduct a variety of business services, from monitoring to electronic payments.  EV drivers will be able to depend on our chargers for smart operation, intuitive features and reliable connectivity," says Read.  Hopefully we'll start seeing more pick-up truck and Cadillac EVs for our current Sprint Nextel users.

Sources: Engadget and Ecotality

Jan 18, 2011
by Anonymous

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