ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Lets You Take Your Music Anywhere

Does a weekend of hiking and kayaking followed by campfires and good music sound like your kind of adventure? Do you like being in nature but still enjoy having certain creature comforts? The ECOXBT by Grace Digital is a waterproof, shockproof Bluetooth speaker system that might be perfect for your next outdoor romp.

Grace Digital's ECOXBTGrace Digital's ECOXBT

Grace Digital’s ECOXBT is a rugged system that allows users to take their music with them, regardless of the destination. Going to the pool and want some tunes for poolside? The ECOXBT can handle that. Kayaking down some class 3 rapids and want some campfire tunes for afterwards? The ECOXBT can make that journey with you. Its waterproof, shockproof design with sturdy rubber handles and carabineer clip allows it to go with you into the sketchiest of situations.

As an added bonus, the ECOXBT also allows you to answer calls through the system. Keep your phone safe from the elements and answer phone calls with the push of a button. Use the built-in waterproof microphone to converse with friends and loved ones; or emergency services if it gets too rough out there for you!

The ECOXBT’s Bluetooth EDR 2.1 gives you a range of approximately 33 feet and allows you to connect from your Android device, Apple device, or tablet. If you can connect via Bluetooth, you can most likely utilize the ECOXBT. No Bluetooth? The system also has an AUX jack for hooking up your device. With a full charge the ECOXBT gives users about 10 hours of solid play time, which is decent for a Bluetooth speaker. You can recharge via USB cable which allows for some options for recharging on the trail if you will want more than 10 hours of music.

The speakers are about what you’d expect from a portable Bluetooth device. They are loud enough to hear over a campfire or at the pool, but nothing that will blow you away. The component speakers allow for an even distribution of highs and lows, neither being particularly overpowering to the other. While not outstanding, they serve their purpose well, bringing full sound where many Bluetooth speakers cannot go.


Source: Grace Digital

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