EDAG Light Cocoon Concept Car Makes Like A Leaf

How light is the EDAG Light Cocoon concept car? Well, it's skinned in fabric four times lighter than standard copier paper for one thing. Unlike paper, however, the revolutionary Texapore Softshell outdoor textile won't wilt in the rain.

EDAG, the world's largest engineering consultant to the automobile industry, is used to turning heads and blowing minds. Take the 3D-printed EDAG Genesis for example: displayed at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, the Genesis is to road-ready cars what a preserved turtle shell is to a living, breathing turtle.

Now the firm plans to make a similarly innovative splash at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show with the EDAG Light Cocoon concept car. Like the Genesis, the Light Cocoon concept is a startling demonstration of 3D printing technology. The vehicle appears to glow, courtesy of dramatic backlighting that illuminates the vehicle's 3D-printed interior support structure from within.

EDAG's designers looked to the leaf when it came time to cover the Light Cocoon's branch-like frame. They also looked to outdoor specialist form Jack Wolfskin for a lightweight, strong and weather-resistant fabric skin: Texapore Softshell.

“This extremely strong material is four times lighter than standard copier paper,” explains EDAG CTO Jörg Ohlsen. “Combined with the topologically optimized, additively manufactured structure, it offers enormous potential and stimulus for the ultimate lightweight construction of the future.”

In the case of the EDAG Light Cocoon Concept car, the future is a mere 3 months away as the 85th Geneva International Motor Show runs from March 5th through 15th, 2015. (via 3DPrint.com)