EDAG Bringing Next Evolution Light Car to Geneva

Toward the middle of last year, EDAG released the first version of their Light Car Concept. Since then, they have been improving upon their design as well as developing new technologies to shed even more weigh. Now they have finalized their second design, named Next Evolution, and are planning on unveiling it at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Like the first iteration of the Light Car, the updated design is centered on keeping the weight as low as possible. This will allow a smaller powerplant to be used while keeping the available range as high as possible. The new concept will also feature EDAG's ultra-light space frame, a technology the company is saying is crucial for the evolution of automobiles.

The Light Car Next Evolution platform can be used for either a small or mid-sized vehicle, and is expected to have a single charge range of around 90 miles. This is all while weighing in at less than 2600lbs.

Interestingly enough, the platform is aimed more toward displaying the potential of the space frame, rather than debuting a new concept vehicle. EDAG is saying the frame design could be easily adapted for use in similarly sized vehicles with minimal cost to the manufacturer.

More information should be available after the reveal in Geneva.

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Feb 18, 2010
by Anonymous

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