EDAG Light Car Can Be Customized Like Your PC

Customization has always been a high selling point with pretty much anything on the market. The more someone can make something their own, the more inclined they are to buy it. In using this knowledge, the EDAG Group has designed a vehicle around the idea of almost unlimited customization with amazing results.

The Light Car Open-Source Concept is nothing short of an engineering marvel. The body is made of lightweight basalt fiber, making it 100% recyclable and very efficient at protecting the occupants of the vehicle. Power is provided by small electric motors in each wheel that will be controlled by an intelligent drive system.

The real innovation is in the styling of the exterior features, as well as the interior features. On the outside of the vehicle, the outline of the headlights and taillights are project onto the body using LEDs. The owner can customize their shape and size in several ways, opening a new realm of automotive customization.

Inside, all the gauges and lights can also be moved and altered to the drivers liking. You can also remove and add specific gauges depending on what information you would like. The tailgate has also been outfitted with LEDs, but instead of being customizable, information about the vehicle is displayed to the drivers behind you. For example, the braking force you are using and information about traffic ahead can be displayed in real time.

Obviously we are still several years away from seeing the Light Car in production, but as technology progresses, we can expect to see more concepts like this in our future.

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