Edible Gold Leaf Wrapped KitKat Could Be The Richest Chocolate Yet

Japan's upscale KitKat Chocolatory stores recently welcomed their one millionth visitor and to celebrate the milestone, Nestle Japan is offering 500 very special KitKat bars individually wrapped in edible gold leaf.

Goldfinger Lickin' Good

The bars will be priced at 2,016 yen each including tax – roughly $16.30 at current exchange rates. The yen price is no coincidence, by the way: with the bars set for release in late December, Nestle Japan thinks they'll make ideal New Year's gifts.

According to a Nestle Japan press release dated November 16th, 2015, the golden limited-edition KitKat bars will be made with a “sublime bitter” chocolate, will only have a single “finger”, and in contrast with almost every other Japanese KitKat bar will not feature any other signature flavoring.

Melts In Your Mouth, Not Your Bank Account

Gold leaf, by the way, is indeed edible and has no flavor of its own. Gold is also non-reactive and non-toxic, meaning any ingested metal will pass right through the ingester's digestive system. This should lead to some memorable “morning after” bathroom experiences but hey, let's not go there.

Americans need not worry about such things, however, since (a) the FDA has not approved gold for human consumption and (b) Nestle Japan has no plans to sell their 24-karat gold leaf covered KitKat bars outside Japan.