Edison 2009 Best New Product Awards: Finalists Selected!

On this day, 162 years to the date that Thomas Edison was born, the finalists of the Edison Best New Product Awards™ were announced. The Edison Awards are among the most elite acknowledgments of excellence in new product development and in services that are technologically innovative, successful in the marketplace, and have societal impact.

Great grandniece of Thomas Edison, Ms. Sarah Miller Caldicott, Chairperson of the Edison Awards Steering Committee, said she could not think of a better way to celebrate her uncle's birthday.

The list is long and is derived from many fields. Here it is:


Edison Best New Product Awards 2009: Science and Medical Finalists

Edison Best New Product Awards 2009: Electronics and Computers Finalists

  • Google G1 Android Phone, from T-Mobile and Google
  • Apple iPhone, from Apple