Editor's Picks for Best of InventorSpot.com - Week Ending November 3, 2007

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With so many articles on our site, I wanted to find a way to highlight some of what I think are the best articles on the site and the most popular last week in case readers missed them.

Here are my Editor's Picks for the Best of InventorSpot.com for the week ending November 2, 2007:

Revolutionary Refinery Gets More Out of Crude Oil - Lee Nuley
CPR Glove a Handy Device for Saving Lives - Lisa Zyga
Amazing Inventions for the Year 2020 - Myra Per Lee
Mood Ring Now Comes in a Mood Dress - Body Beauty
10 Amazing Sports Ads That Demand Attention - Amy Gifford
Open the Door to New Era of Table Tennis - Sarah O
8 Options to the Boring Old Coffin - Gloria Campos
Deep Space Experiment Becomes Deep Sea Experiment - Lisa Zyga
Honda's New Wow - George Delozier
Sony Unveils New In Car Connectivity - Joe Eitel

Of all of these, I think my favorite article of the week was:

What about you? What did you like best?

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