Eenmaal: Pop-Up Restaurant Offers Dinner For One Only

Having a meal alone is one of those incredibly appealing things that often people are hesitant to do because they worry about public perception since dining out is generally a social event. But, the experience of dining alone can actually be incredibly calming, and just give restaurant goers the opportunity to focus on the food.


 To give diners the solo meal experience without the concern that comes from dining alone in a room full of couples, friends and families, a Dutch company created a pop-up restaurant concept (a trend that has been implemented for a number of years) that will ony seat single diners. This eliminates the stigma that can be associated with dining alone, as everyone is doing it, since that is the rule. The idea, according to those behind the restaurant, is to instill a sense of calm and relaxation through the dining experience.

What do you think of this idea? Would you typically dine alone, and would you visit a restaurant that encourages you to?