Egg-cellent Street Art Made For Google Earth

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra has created an environmental art project called “Art Eggcident” in which he spreads large 'eggs' throughout a city in the Netherlands.

At the beginning of May, Hofstra placed several eggs out on Zaailand, which is the largest city square in the Netherlands. Each cracked open fried egg is about 100 feet wide. The larger eggs are completely flat, but the smaller ones have a three dimensional ‘yolk’.

The smaller ones seem to be popular with the kids to play on and take pictures with – kind of like a small playground. The eggs will remain in place for six months.

Hofstra is also known for his “Water Is Life” installation that he did in November of last year in which he painted a whole city street in bright blue. He did this in an attempt to create an art installation visible on Google Earth. He used about 4000 litres of blue paint to spread across a street in Holland.

I’m amazed that the eggs can stay out in the open, in public, for six months. I’m also surprised that a city would let him do this and also paint a whole street bright blue. Looks like it’s time to move to the Netherlands, where anything is possible!

Source: woostercollective