Ehhance Your Child Care Skills With A Poop Alarm

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your baby has been making fudge again unless you have a really terrific sense of smell or are one of those miracle mothers who can decipher every grunt or frown your baby makesPoop AlarmPoop Alarm. Help is here with a Poop Alarm to let you know when your kid has a drawer full and is in need of a change.

The sooner you know that it is there the sooner you can get rid of it, avoid things like diaper rash, and have a healthier, happier little one. Even if you don't really need to use one to know when the big event has happened, it might be helpful for the baby sitter.

There are several different alarms on the market. The generally come in pink and blue to accommodate girls and boys in their anatomical differences.

To detect urine and feces they use static electricity and/or changes in heat, humidity and odor. You can even change the sensitivity level to help you reach maximum efficiency.

Poop AlarmPoop AlarmThe device attaches to the outside of the diaper, so you never have to "excavate" to find it when the alarm goes off. The alarm can be an audible tone and/or an LED light.

If your "baby" is not 8 months but 80 the detector is still effective. The difference in diaper size is not a problem. If your dog is also wearing puppy Pampers it might also come in handy, but none of the products claim to work with canine crap.


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