Eight Cores, 64 bits: MediaTek's Upcoming MT6795 System-On-Chip

(Updated July 15th with new information.)

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek aren't exactly known for high-calibre smart-device chipsets, but some reports are suggesting that this might change in the future. A new ARM-based SoC dubbed the MT6795 will apparently be launched in late December, and it might be a powerhouse of a chip.



The MT6795 contains eight 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 cores running at up to 2.2Ghz, attached to a dual-channel memory controller good for LPDDR3 at 933Mhz. PowerVR G6200 graphics run alongside at 700Mhz. 4K video playback is doable, plus encoding of H.264, H.265, and VP9 formats at 30 FPS.

Additional checkbox features include support for 120hz displays with 2560x1600-pixel resolutions and cameras with 20 megapixel image sensors. The capture of 1080p Full HD at 480 FPS is possible for making slow-motion videos. Critically, HSPA+ and LTE cellular radios are built-in, while an MT663 companion chip is required for 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM radio.



The leaked reports hint that cut-down variations of the MT6795 will also be available. The MT6752 and MT6732 each have lower clockspeeds, no 4K video playback, and weaker camera support, with the latter chip halving the core count. Both retain 64-bit capability and cellular modems.

Apple was first out with a 64-bit smartphone, and the next Android version will also support the wider address width, underlining the importance for companies like MediaTek to get going or face extinction. Key benefits of 64-bit computing over 32-bit include higher performance and support for more RAM.