8 Best Ideas For Slightly Twisted Thanksgiving Décor


Tampn Turkey DecorTampn Turkey Decor

People seem to take Thanksgiving decorating way too seriously! The lack of funny stuff for Thanksgiving is appalling.

The hardest thing about putting this article together was wading through the repetitive Thanksgiving decoration sea. It seems everyone has the same six items in their homes, or they are using the same ones from when they were six. Either way, looking for fun and funny Thanksgiving décor can be a great cure for insomnia. People need to take Thanksgiving with a dose of cheer and humor, rather than the Puritanical and semi-sad decorations we found. However, the eight items below will make you wonder why the decorators didn’t just stop at the dull, already.

After scouring the internet, here's what we found as the 8 Best Ideas for Slightly Twisted Thanksgiving Decor:

1. Tampon Turkey

Seriously, an entire site devoted to crafts made from tampons. Those things are expensive, for one, and let’s just say GROSS for another thing. On your Thanksgiving table! Eck!
Tampon Turkey In DetailTampon Turkey In Detail

Tampon Turkey Table DecorTampon Turkey Table Decor
Source: Tamponcrafts.com

2. Thanksgiving Nativity Candles

Burning people for Thanksgiving seems a bit harsh.
Thanksgiving Nativity CandlesThanksgiving Nativity Candles
Source: pzrservices

3.  Turkey In Disguise

Obviously a master designer in the balloon arts made this Turkey in Disguise but it seems creepy to me. Really creepy. Do you get the same vibe?

Turkey in DisguiseTurkey in Disguise
source: mbd2

4.   Terrified Thanksgiving Pilgrims

They look like they are running from the photobomber in the background after stealing his corn. Run away!

 Terrified PilgrimsTerrified Pilgrims
Source: 2bots1tot

5.    Outdoors Thanksgiving….Nativity?

We are not sure on the construction of these birds, but we think they light up. They might be made of sparklers, for extra flammable holiday fun.

Thanksgiving Nativity SceneThanksgiving Nativity Scene
Source: Merrillmarkoe

6.    Pilgrim On A Shelf?

Great. Another creepy holiday tradition. I already get spooked by Elf on a Shelf popping up all over the place for Christmas. Now we have pilgrims for Thanksgiving?

Pilgrim on a ShelfPilgrim on a Shelf

Source: Spoonful

7.    Flamingo Turkey

The perfect, classy accent to your holiday lawn.

Flamingo TurkeyFlamingo Turkey

8.    Smooches...I Love You!

I want to say goodbye before you lose your head, turkey!

Turkey SmoochesTurkey Smooches
Source: clattertron

Come on readers! We are counting on your to up the ante up this Thanksgiving season! Let your creative juices flow. Surely we can do better than make the same old boring and pretty table settings decorations for Thanksgiving? Please comment and link to any funny or amusing ideas for Thanksgiving decor that you were able to find or create.