E-Ink Electronic Coach Playboard Design

Coach was always good at two things: marginalizing the majority of the class in favor of the meatheaded-jock segment and drawing up a complex array of squiggles and lines that equated to a play no one understood. Truth be told, I don't think coach knew what that play was supposed to look like either. And yet somehow the biggest meathead in the class got it "exactly right" and earned the highest accolades from coach.

To make coach's vision a bit clearer, the E-Ink Electronic Coach Playboard features a virtual tablet with playing field or court already drawn in. Choose from sports like football and basketball and the Playboard pulls up the appropriate template. Coach can draw out his plays with his finger on the actual playing field rather than a lined notebook. The team then has half a chance of turning the vision into reality.

Apparently, the device even comes with a bowling lane template for all those bowling coaches to plan out a strategic attack on the pins.

The E-Ink Electronic Coach Playbook was designed by Gordon Yeh for Iota Creations.

Via: Yanko Design